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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
Piroshilove4 years ago3 years ago
Feel free to leave feedback if you've participated in any of my splits/GO or bought from me in general! If you're leaving for splits, please make sure to mention which split you were in! Thank you!!

My Splits/GO
March <RELEASED>Osomatsu-san Mini LED Keychain [mfc link] OPEN!
<RELEASED>Osomatsu-san - Yawaraka Clear Strap L Collections [mfc link] OPEN!

May<CANCELLED>Osomatsu-san 3D Mascot [mfc link]
Osomatsu-san Niten-gomu! Clip [mfc link] Completed!
Osomatsu-san - Petanko Trading Rubber Strap [mfc link] Completed!
Osomatsu-san Toji Colle keychain/can badge [mfc link] Completed!
Osomatsu-san Alice ver. Keychain/can badge [mfc link] Completed!
Toranoana GO [mfc link] Completed!

Osomatsu-san - Pita! Deforme Acrylic Keychain Variety Pack [mfc link] Completed!

<CANCELED>Koedarize 17 Osomatsu-san vol.2 [mfc link] OPEN!
<CANCELED>Big Smartphone Ofuton ver. Osomatsu-san [mfc link] OPEN!
Eformed - Osomatsu-san: PajaChara Acrylic Ballchain [mfc link] Completed!

Terucot - Osomatsu-san [mfc link] CLOSED!
Toy'sworks Collection Niitengomu! - Osomatsu-san Part.2 [mfc link] CLOSED!
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I bought the DiaLovers buttons, very reliable and negotiable with the prices as i bought all 3 buttons with free shipping.. all the items were packaged well and arrived pretty fast and a free gift and a note, i'll def be buying again.
3 years ago
A bought a few items from Piroshilove! Piroshilove was very good with communication and made sure to let me know when my stuff was shipped really quick. Everything came packed well and it arrived super fast! Thank you very much! I'd love to shop with you again!
3 years ago
I participated in the May Toranoana GO. Everything went smoothly I couldn't ask for a better host! The books arrived safely and in great condition.
4 years ago
Participated in the Osomatsu-san TojiColle, Clear Strap, and Mini LED Keychain splits :) Was a very kind, communicative, and helpful host ^_^)/
4 years ago
Participated in the May Toranoana GO. Very helpful with speedy communication and updates. Everything arrived safely and promptly.

Thank you very much!
4 years ago
Participated in the Toranoana GO. Very organized, great communication, and super fast shipping.

Thank you for hosting (and for the cool AoT stickers) :D!
4 years ago
Purchased a strap and two buttons.
Excellent packaging and shipping time, very friendly seller, a great purchase overall. Thank you sm!
4 years ago
I bought two straps from the GO club leftovers thread. (ITEM #270380 & one who isn't in the database)

Fantastic communication and package (personalized note on a cute paper, yay !), quickly and safely shipped. I highly recommend her :) Thanks again !
4 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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