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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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joethebui1 year ago4 months ago
★ joethebui's Figurine Sale ★


All figures has been displayed in either a IKEA DETOLF glass case or a BILLY bookcase
w/ glass doors.
After figure was displayed, boxes were safely stored under bed.


  • Tales of Graces- Alter | Asbel Lhant: $60.00
  • Tales of Xillia- Alter | Jude Mathis: $60.00
  • Tales of Vesperia- Alter | Estellise Sidos Heurassein: $70.00 SOLD
  • One Piece- Tsume | Nico Robin: $900.00 SOLD
  • Tales of Vesperia- Alter | Yuri Lowell: $80.00 SOLD
  • Tales of Symphonia- Kotobukiya | Collet Brunel: $70.00 SOLD
  • Fire Emblem Awakening- Max Factory | Cordelia: $140.00 SOLD

If interested, please PM me your zip code for a shipping quote.
When agreed on price, PM me your PayPal email
and shipping address and I will send you an invoice.
Once I receive the payment I will ship the package within 2-3 days
(not including Saturdays/Sundays and Holidays).
When the package is dropped off at the post office, I will PM you the tracking number.
If there is any question, please don't hesitate to ask. Only shipping within the USA.

I have experience selling online, I have already sold a few figures through MFC.
feedback: profile/joetheb...
You can also check my feedback on my eBay account,
username is the same as my MFC one: joethebui.
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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!