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autumnskies11 months ago3 months ago
This is a list of the nendoroid parts or nendoroids I am looking for. I will add more later on but right now this is the stuff I am most focused on. I am currently hunting for

Nedoroid parts
#283 Asuna - all faceplates, mosty the standard one though ITEM #117915
#382 Asuna Titania ver - Faceplates and/or the whole nendoroid ITEM #198356
#750 Asuna OS ver - Faceplate ITEM #591504
#750c Asuna and Yui O S ver - Faceplates, engagement ring, Yui plus stand ITEM #615629
#418 Aoba- Naked torso and arms ITEM #163749
#588 Miya Utsu-tsu - Whole Body and arms ITEM #259859
#568 Ichinose Hajime - whole body ITEM #259860
#658 Remo - mainly Cake eating faceplate + cake eating arms. and body ITEM #396891
#794 Jibril - GSC bonus: Her black halo and old collection with hand to hold it

Nendoroid More
Nendoroid More Pink Pajamas ITEM #185362
Nendoroid More Secret Pajamas ITEM #173880
Nendoroid More Face Swap 02 Haa? faceplate ITEM #522347
Nendoroid More Face Swap 01 Awakened face ITEM #185972

Thank you
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Kameesama (11 months ago) #29571671edit and click link to link the figure.Thank you
11 months ago
edit and click link to link the figure.
11 months ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.


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