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Keripo5 years ago3 years ago
Figures being donated for Toozday Night Bingo (local anime gathering, anime watching, and bingo)
This is a subset of my "_For Sale" list: list/16735

Additional items without MFC entries:
* Talestune - 収穫の十二月~冬~ (2007/08/17) vndb.org/v3643
* Hachikuma - TOK Battle Dungeon RPG (2005/08/10) www.hachikuma.n...
* Leaf - Leaf Visual Novel Series Vol.3 To Heart (1999/07/08) vndb.org/r5309
* sepher.jp - sepher.jp Jun.A 2000-2004 Special Best Album [OEMM-0088] (2005/08) vgmdb.net/album...
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