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Selling Figures & TapestriesSelling Figures & Tapestries

MillyParis3 months ago8 days ago
All sales are final. Everything is sold as is. Tracking is included. I am also open to trades! TAKING BEST OFFERS DUE TO MEDICAL BILLS. Also, smoke free home.

Kotori - $50 including shipping. She has no box and the idiot who sold her to me left stains of newspaper ink all over her. She has all her original clothes but they may have stains.
Umi - $90 including shipping. She has all her pieces. Took her out of the box once.
Homura - $110 including shipping. She has a leaning issue, otherwise great condition. Bought from an MFCer. Box and blisters included. Sold as is. She also has both expressions & wings.
Tamamo - $110 including shipping. Leg fell off, popped it back in, comes with box in great condition. Has minor paint issues, but received it this way.
Eli - $100 including shipping. Both bows are broken (can try and fix) but comes with box.
Saber School Uniform - $25 including shipping. Just not in love with her anymore.
Yuzuki Yukari - $90 not including shipping. She is BROKEN, one of her pigtails came broken to me from Pulchra. She has been in the box every since. I have all the pieces. This is from the first release, limited to 600 items.


Kuroneko/Yamineko Figma - $25 including shipping. Sealed and box is in great condition. Bought from another MFC-er but not in love.
Sakura Beach Queens Her leg peg broke, and no box. Just want it gone. $10 total, including shipping.
Tomo Beach Queens - She's just too small for me, I bought her sealed, she's been displayed maybe a month. $20 not including shipping
Saber Bride Alphamax - Great condition, box has some wear. Just too small for me, I prefer bigger figures now. $105 total, including shipping.

Kuroneko Banpresto -$20 including shipping One of my first figures, just not in love. Have the box and both are in good condition.
Ritsuko - $5, including shipping. No box, was a gift from a friend but I don't like this character.
Ayase - $5, no box, just don't like it.
Kotori - $15 including shipping. I /THINK/ I have the box. Good condition for her though.
Talking Eevee - $30. It works, it's in good condition, but I don't have the box anymore. My ex boyfriend bought it for me, no longer want it.
Inori - $10, she was broken, but I fixed it. Ask for pics, otherwise sold as is. She's a prize figure so not perfect quality.
Nico - $15 including shipping, no box.
Shiina - $15 including shipping, no box.
Junko prize figure , $50 including shipping. She comes with the box. Just not in love with her anymore.
Sena - $40 including shipping, comes with box and extra pieces.
Kurisu Nendoroid - $30 not including shipping. Has box & extra pieces.
Kurisu & Mayuri Nendoroid - $50 including shipping. Took it out of the box once, didn't like em.

Artemis and Orion stand: $10 including shipping. I received this mistakenly instead of Altera. Good condition, it's been displayed but I've only had it 3 days or so.
Kyuubey. Unsure if this is a bootleg. Been displayed for a few years. Not in love with Madoka series. Selling it for $20 including shipping.

***Giving away a keychain with any order, unfortunately bootleg that an ex boyfriend bought for me when he was in China, if anyone asks ****

Kanokon tapestry - $30 including shipping

Madoka series prize figures, there's 5 prize figures, one of each girl. One is 1/7 scale, (Kyoko) but she has no spear, and she has a few scratches on her base. The rest, except Madoka, come without boxes. They're already packed up and I'd sell everything for $80 total, including shipping to US. They're not in the /best/ condition, considering prize figures. Nothing is broken. I just don't want these anymore. Sold as is!



Astolfo - $25 including shipping. Comes with box, got some of the paint issues fixed.
Kaito - $4, not including shipping. I no longer have the box for this.
Gilgamesh - $70 including shipping. Comes with all pieces and box.
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