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Clean it well!


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    Jul 02, 2014

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Levi scolding Eren, when he caught Eren slacking off.

**I used white cloth to cover Eren's jacket and used Levi Cleaning's extra arms.

Nendoroid Levi Cleaning Vers is an AnimeExpo exclusive figure, get him first at the AX! It will be sale online after the event.

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"Clean harder, you little shit!"

I love the sudden Levi boom at the front page.
4 years ago
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PaleLightning M9000 is a trap
Slacking off with Mikasa lover boy eh. Now clean this up two timer
4 years ago
Levi has intense chipmunk cheeks here
4 years ago
Nice Idea ;3
4 years ago
I call this "maid to order."
4 years ago
XD so cute I need to clean the house or mom will scold me as well
4 years ago
BlueMonday (4 years ago) #2228900Geez, Levimania is running wild on the main page tonight.
That's not a bad thing. Just got me motivated to clean.
4 years ago
BlueMonday Baton-bu desu.
Geez, Levimania is running wild on the main page tonight.
4 years ago
"I was born on this Earth... TO DO THAT ?!" - Eren thinking silently in despair
4 years ago