YunauraYunaura9 years ago
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So you've finally arrived, my Lord. You've kept me waiting...

This was so not what I should have been doing when the package came in last Thursday, but I could not resist. I actually still haven't taken Ciel out of the box, so he's still in it awaiting to be freed like the many others sitting atop my shelf. I've been so busy. OTL

Comments and critiques would be lovely~

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"oh no, my lord; You've arrived. If I don't open you, then I don't have to serve for an eternity. Yunaura-Sama, Please never open this box."
9 years ago
Testament to how long they took to get around to release Ciel... :D
9 years ago
lovely shot! finally after one year of waiting Sebby's master is released ^^
I can understand you I have also many figures which are still in their boxes >_<
9 years ago
Beautiful shot! I like the angle and how you can see Sebastian's reflection on Ciel's box window ^^
9 years ago