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    Jul 19, 2009
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    Jul 19, 2009 - Jul 25, 2009

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What brand of display case is that. It looks perfect for my room. <3
4 years ago
Wow~ OAO
9 years ago
Yeah that room looks amazing and fantastic!!! >_<
9 years ago
OMG, It is your house? I saw this pictures in the Otacool book!!! it is amazing!!! I hate you!!! ;-P
9 years ago
Big o.o
9 years ago
Awesome! *___*

Is this the paradise?
9 years ago
simple eye cancer O.O
9 years ago
anime_addicted Beyond Obsession
if only my mom would stop nagging about my figures, i so can see my room being like this <3
9 years ago
Impressive room!
10 years ago
This is amazing! Excellent job!
10 years ago
Import from Japan

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