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kanaurukanauru5 years ago
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    Feb 22, 2015

About this picture

Managed to incorporate my anime shelves into my latest music video :D
Video here www.youtube.com...

I'm hoping to film a RWBY, Touhou, and figure MV at some point so you can follow me if you're interested.

Thanks for the support fellow MFC members!
I didn't expect to receive such a huge response.
It makes me happy that you guys are giving the video a chance and providing with me great feedback.
I wanted to combine several things I love; anime, kpop, video, gaming, and dance and this was the result.
Such a great community, I appreciate it.
Now I'm even more motivated to finish my future projects!

You might also enjoy my other music video here www.youtube.com...
It's a vocaloid mv and one of my Miku figures makes a short cameo :D
facebook.kanaur... / facebook
twitter.com/kan... / twitter

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btym5 years ago#2730778That's the dream, right? Be crazy hot but also a massive fucking weeb? not sure if sarcastic or delusional no offense kids don't lie to yourself lol?
2 years ago
Freedomer5 years ago#2807525Oh, Philips Fidelio X1. I also have a pair.
So comfy!
5 years ago
Oh, Philips Fidelio X1. I also have a pair.
5 years ago
Gunter Questionably Amazing
Awesome job with the video! :> Was fun to watch, that's for sure.

Also is always fun to see places I go to regularly within someone's video. XD
5 years ago
Dude, You're cool :'>
5 years ago
metas5 years ago#2730896You have good taste in games and figures.

We both do.
5 years ago
You have good taste in games and figures.
5 years ago
That's the dream, right? Be crazy hot but also a massive fucking weeb?
5 years ago
kanauru5 years ago#2723006Thank you :D
I've been waiting for an opportunity to fill one of my videos with anime and gaming references so this was it.
I actually have two Touhou songs in mind by Shibayanrecords. But my main priority at the moment is doing a RWBY video.
Aw man, well right after RWBY video we are waiting for Touhou o_o. So many songs too choose from too. We'll be waiting, man.
5 years ago
You need to keep a copy of this in your archives so that you can show your kids ( later on ) how Kakoii you are .. LOL

; )

5 years ago