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Wizardly Magic Necklace (Bootleg Chibi Moon Compact)

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This is a bootleg version of the Sailor Moon World edition of Chibi Moon's second compact, which was reported to be sold in Canadian malls for $13 USD in the early 2000's. For some reason, all the toys in the "Wizardly Magic" lineup play the "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" music, despite only two items in the line-up being used by her!

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crystal-moon (3 years ago) #2898956i've got the Chibi Moon Sugar Heart Rod from wizardly magic.
That is the only convicing one of the series, since it's actually the sound from her item, not including the second sound from the Crisis Moon Compact.
3 years ago
i've got the chibi moon sugar heart rod from wizardly magic.
3 years ago