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Thank you! :D Have a nice day too ;)MagicPepen4 years ago#22655449wow it sounds really hard to make.i check at youtube the tutorials and similar tutorials of the one u mentioned. GOD X'D ITS SO HARD! but still yours is better <3 anyway thanks for the info. u are talented,^^ have a nice day. <3
4 years ago
Hello, thanks! The diorama is made of styrofoam, and then carries a layer of resistance made with a mixture of cement, plaster and white glue. Then at the end just paint as you prefer. To make my diorama I followed some tutorials on Youtube (tutorials on how to make dioramas for the Saint Seiya's Cloth Myth figures)MagicPepen4 years ago#22500412OMG how u made thsi epic diorama?is it made of "fimo" or something like that ?
4 years ago
Gracias :3 Reycoenma5 years ago#10708645Excelente diorama :)
5 years ago
Darky52 years ago
Thanks ;)
6 years ago
love it!
6 years ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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