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Full handmade diorama (total size 103X63X54cm) with 1/8 scale Chevrolet Corvette C7 (58X23X15.4cm). This photo is my tribute to the late Paul Walker and the Fast and Furious franchise. Photo is shot with Nikon D5200 and Sigma 1.4 50mm lens.

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love it
6 years ago
Rokiki7 years ago#3271921Do you know of any Mazda miata 1/8 scale cars? your best guess for cars in the 1/8 to 1/10th scale for stuff like this is remote controlled cars. Sometimes one at this size will be sold for as little as $40USD - you will not find an actual model for anywhere near that price. A Mazda Miata specifically would be harder to find.
6 years ago
Wow that is awesome!!! Amazing Job!
6 years ago
So sexy, love them!
7 years ago
Rokiki7 years ago#3271921Do you know of any Mazda miata 1/8 scale cars?

That's really hard to find. If we are talking about smaller scales like 1/18 i think the brand Autoart might have it. To be honest 1/8 scales are very rare and the selection of models are very little; Unless you buy the brand Pocher (which is like, USD$700 each). I want their Lamborghini Aventador very badly. =/ If there are a lot of choices, besides the Aventador I'd personally love to have a Koenigsegg Agera R/One:1 or McLaren P1 GTR model car. I love aggressive-looking supercars hypercars. For lower tier sports cars you can't go wrong with a Mazda RX7 or a Toyota Supra to pose with figures. But then again, 1/8 is rare - and expensive. =(
7 years ago
Do you know of any Mazda miata 1/8 scale cars?
7 years ago
You should put Asuka with her "sniper" for more badass look like you done before.

Anyway, that Saber.....hgggghhh
7 years ago
As a fellow car nerd, I love this so much. I especially like how the red in the Corvette matches the red in their outfits - you did a great job.
7 years ago
Very Very impressive especially when you consider you built that maquette. 6 Stars if it were available.

= )

7 years ago
Great Picture
7 years ago