hinagikuhinagiku6 years ago
banpresto senjougahara_hitagi ichiban_kuji aniplex kodansha nishio_ishin shaft vortex monogatari_series:_second_season bifuru ichiban_kuji_premium_monogatari_series_second_season


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    Aug 01, 2015
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Wow, I very much like this picture. I'm drawn to her eyes right away.
6 years ago
Lovely picture! Congratulations ^^
6 years ago
amazing! i love this!
6 years ago
Very awesome! ;)
6 years ago
tanoshiineko6 years ago#34601172 tháng r...

hai tháng gì vậy ?
6 years ago
2 tháng r...
6 years ago
she's so prettyyy <3 awesome pic :3
6 years ago
whoa~ how'd you get that glow effect??
6 years ago
GrizzlyBarks6 years ago#3260360I've haven't seen Bakemonogatari yet, but I love this picture and this figurine. <3

hehehe, you would see that, bakemonogatari is so great ^^
6 years ago
Veila6 years ago#3260020My phone wouldn't let me login yesterday and I was so annoyed I couldn't comment on this. Now that I can; this is SO beautiful! Absolutely love it! <3

i'm really so happy when i see this comment. Thank you so much, thank you for your support
6 years ago