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AiakosAiakos6 years ago
k-on! banpresto hirasawa_yui sq

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So cute!~ Great shot c:
6 years ago
xXBunnyShmexiXx6 years ago#3415034Yeey, keep up that work ^-^ I would like to see more of your pics in the future. ^^

I'm glad you appreciate my works, and soon I'll post other pics^^
6 years ago
xXBunnyShmexiXx6 years ago#3412930Wow really nice, you are a very good photographer then. i cant even come close to this kind of proffesionality.. xP

Thank you so much! I like figure photography very much and try always to do my best ;)
6 years ago
Lily516 years ago#3399383She is gorgeous, and the scenery is very nice and appropriate. The sunset light that hits her is amazing! ^_^
Nico-chan6 years ago#3399552Waifu for lifu!

mickeydeerho6 years ago#3400657Amazing photo of best girl
Otta6 years ago#3406938Beautiful shot *w*
ptitange236 years ago#3410963Soooooooo cuuuuuuute !!!! :D
astarte9526 years ago#3411015Well done!
Christown6 years ago#3411214Such a lovely picture, this really is a beautiful figure of Yui.
Perfect lighting too with the sun. Well done.

Thank you very much to everyone for having appreciated my photo!!! \^o^/
6 years ago
xXBunnyShmexiXx6 years ago#3411634Because she is too sharp for her background, thats all.
dont take me wrong, i like protoshopping but it has to be at least done good.

lol the thing is that it isn't photoshopped. The background is blurred because the photo has been shot at F/4.0 and at a very close range. It's not 2 photos overlapped, but only one shot taken near my home as you can see beneath spoiler. I didn't even modify the light because the sunset light was perfect like that. Like I said before, besides the base that I eliminated, and even well done, lol, the rest is natural and real xD

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i384.photobucket.com/albums/oo286/Aiacos666/IMG_1800_zps6yrmbjvo.jpg


6 years ago
Such a lovely picture, this really is a beautiful figure of Yui.

Perfect lighting too with the sun. Well done.
6 years ago
xXBunnyShmexiXx6 years ago#3410915Why does this looks photoshopped?
What do you mean? I only took off the base.
6 years ago
Well done!
6 years ago
Soooooooo cuuuuuuute !!!! :D
6 years ago
Beautiful shot *w*
6 years ago
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