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HirochanHirochan4 years ago
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    Nov 21, 2015

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Admiral, we are ready to battle~ <3

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MikuNya4 years ago#4884719this is so darn cute <3

Thank you!! <3

torinokobomb4 years ago#4884580What has science done!?

created 2 cute boys in girl outfits?! XD

tsukky_4 years ago#4883631Too cute to resist. Nice crossover.

Thank you~ I love both the games! <3

Aoi-san4 years ago#4868562Cute crossover :)

Thanks! Both games are great! <3

ptitange234 years ago#4861969lool So cute !!! I love this pic !!! :D

Thank you so much!! ^-^/

Jayde4 years ago#4861928Cute!

Thank you!! =D

paencake4 years ago#4861863The Nico look really suits Kashuu...who would've thought so ♡
Very cute these two!

Yes! Suits his character pretty well too! XD and the matching red eyes and gold earrings!

Nanamia4 years ago#4861817Cute!! :D

Thank you! =D

einonymous4 years ago#4861798Oh, wow...
Clever and cute :-)

Thank you so much! ^-^/
4 years ago
this is so darn cute <3
4 years ago
What has science done!?
4 years ago
Too cute to resist. Nice crossover.
4 years ago
Cute crossover :)
4 years ago
lool So cute !!! I love this pic !!! :D
4 years ago
4 years ago
The Nico look really suits Kashuu...who would've thought so ♡
Very cute these two!
4 years ago
Cute!! :D
4 years ago
Oh, wow...

Clever and cute :-)
4 years ago