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ToyoToyo4 years ago
kotobukiya huke steins;gate makise_kurisu nitroplus m.i.c.


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    Feb 26, 2016
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    Feb 21, 2016 - Feb 27, 2016

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Kirito_Kun24 years ago#7003280I knew one of your pics would make picture of the day!
I tried again by uploading another pic at a different time hehe. Ty!!
4 years ago
I knew one of your pics would make picture of the day!
4 years ago
SamuraiofHeiji4 years ago#6961865i am really want to take my time for studying lighting like this. really cool, mate !
Thank you! IMO there's not much to study though, in the end it comes down to experimenting and seeing for yourself what looks good / interesting. But having a rough concept / idea first saves you a lot of time of course.
4 years ago
Almina4 years ago#6961844Very beautiful shot! I really love the lighting.
4 years ago
Ruben774 years ago#6961707Very nice composition and lighting.
Thank you!
4 years ago
Tachikomatic4 years ago#6961636Congrats on pic of the day ^^ A nice photo indeed :D
Gonna guess that the motherboard is a gigabyte but dunno what modell xD

Thanks! I'm really happy about getting POTD for the first time haha.
The motherboard is a MSI P31 neo
4 years ago
shinhawk4 years ago#6961462Now lets try to figure out what kind of motherboard that is!
It's an MSI P31 neo
4 years ago
jkb4 years ago#6961402Simple, and very nice !
4 years ago
KuraShiki4 years ago#6961268Looking swag w
4 years ago
einonymous4 years ago#6961267Good spouse of electronic parts! Now I wonder whether I can just display her inside my computer...
Thanks! She would definitely look cool in an old crt screen
4 years ago
Live better. Play more!

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