Bestfriends at the BeachFigures2016

kixkillradiokixkillradio5 years ago
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    May 11, 2016
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    May 08, 2016 - May 14, 2016

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These beach lounge chairs and beach bar are handmade. Check out for behind the scene and the rest of Nendoroid Summer Vacation photos: kixkillradio.co...

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LivingDaylight4 years ago#15981078awesome) checked your blog, impressive!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
4 years ago
awesome) checked your blog, impressive!
4 years ago
super cute! love all the tiny props
4 years ago
gamecollectibles Queen's Watchdog's Wife
5 years ago
Good work!
5 years ago
Awesome Pic!!
5 years ago
This is so stinkin' adorable. <3 Great work!
5 years ago
Very Cute ☺ ☺
5 years ago
makochan5 years ago#9925099★★★★★ Always the best! ★★★★★
I'm glad you liked it <3
5 years ago
Retro8bit5 years ago#9923882Cardcaptor Sakura!!!! Yes!!! ^_^
5 years ago