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Decided to make a little edit on Sakura just out of curiosity.
Edited some colours here and there and got rid of the annoying ribbon.

EDIT: Thank you so much everybody for your comments, it makes me happy that so many are satisfied with the figure and they're supporting the work by GSC :D It helps as well to others that want to order this figure!

Last edition after reading comments:
Left one: Original gold, cloudy wings, no ribbon
Right one: Original gold, original wings, no ribbon.

For me the ribbon serves no purpose even on the original illustration, however I believe the ribbon would look great on the cheaper version :P
Anyways, it is clear that this one is a out of this world scale tribute of Sakura Kinomoto.

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I guess I'm in the minority here since I really like the original and don't want to change anything haha
1 year ago
Whaaa the ribbon is almost best part for me :D I wish cheaper version included it
1 year ago
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Sakata-Nodoka (1 year ago) #13313595
;D There's always a kind person. Glad you like all the details of the figure ^^
1 year ago
"annoying ribbon"
... I love you annoying ribbon! Mom picks you up!
1 year ago
Gimmicks (1 year ago) #13312532
Ikr? After the edit I saw the wings competing way too much with Sakura's clothes. I really liked the transparent wings since the beginning, they give this figure a more fancy feeling imo.
Yeah the ribbon is like somebody lost it and then it's resting there with sakura lol

I agree, this figure is one of a kind so people should definitely go for the Stars Bless You version with the amazing base.

In my case I'm still debating. She's amazing but I lack space, I live in a small department and this figure deserves an altar, her own place to be stared at. I wouldn't like to get her and just keep her in the box ;_; So that's why I'm still hesitating...will see
1 year ago
Eh the cloudy/white wings creates way too many problems. It blocks parts of the figure, stands out too much from the rest of the figure, and adds too much white overall since her dress already has a lot of white.

I do like the brighter yellow/gold color of your edit though. I didn't think much about the ribbon before but I think I prefer the figure without it.

It doesn't matter though, I'll never be able to afford her since I'm only interested in the deluxe version *cries*.
1 year ago
He ribbon really has no purpose. Doesnt even make sense.
1 year ago
Verry nice with the black :) And indeed she look like the queen of hearts. The original looks more christmas. Maby if the black was gold?

And to me the "wings" look more like the wind in the original.
Youre version make it look more like wings.
1 year ago
kanekineko (1 year ago) #13269856Then she won't be blessed by stars version but queen of hearts version? XD
Pekola (1 year ago) #13271962Sorry if this is not the pink you wanted lol but something like this??>>>

1 year ago
minami_desu (1 year ago) #13226702
debinoresu (1 year ago) #13267697
I agree, the cheaper version should have the ribbon, it would look better!!!
But I'm in the faction that don't like that ribbon on the bigger version XD Still, I really like reading everyone's opinion as you can have a lot of ideas when ordering the figure right? :D Glad you like the ribbon since the original illustration has it!

LunarSkye (1 year ago) #13267154
Nagara_Venteel (1 year ago) #13267617
layla-weston90 (1 year ago) #13268972
Terrence (1 year ago) #13274595
Ayumi97 (1 year ago) #13278731
Awesome to see people completely satisfied with the figure. It is a mind-blowing rendition of Sakura and I'm happy people are pre-ordering her really fast! Our precious Sakura is already on the front page! Woohoo!!
I really like the grandiose version since the cheaper looks way too static. I made this edit after reading some opinions about little things on her page, however this figure is a great impact and a must for fans of Sakura and scales!
Thanks for your awesome comments!!
1 year ago
yokha (1 year ago) #13226471
EonKitten (1 year ago) #13269308
6wendybird91 (1 year ago) #13267839
ronnibun41 (1 year ago) #13271278
I will make another edit with the original gold and I agree it looks more epic in the figure. I really like the transparent wings but the traslucid wings would look great as well, however there's already traslucid parts on Sakura's dress so they would collide. For me the ribbon would look better on the baseless figure
1 year ago
LillyMay (1 year ago) #13224012
CherryHunter (1 year ago) #13225538
ipwnboyz (1 year ago) #13268536
Thanks a lot!
I really prefer the figure without that ribbon when using the base. I think it serves no purpose whatsoever and takes away the focus from Sakura, HOWEVER, I think that ribbon would look better on the baseless figure? It's pretty funny how things can change when making little edits. The brown support at the bottom if it's white I believe it'll look more and maybe ugly? Maybe they left them brown so it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the figure, just my opinion of course :)
I'll make another edition pictures based on your comments :D
1 year ago
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