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I love this figure and I get that gsc had/wanted to stay true to the original illustration, but I don't like the colors of sakura's dress. So, I tried to photoshop the dress to see how it would look like with different colors. She did look great with many different combinations but I love this combination of bronze and blue the best.

I like the blue on her, but red and bronze also look great and make her pop more than the blue.

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this looks better as the original.... from the colours. i dont like the mix of red-green at all.... :-((( dont fit at all.
11 months ago
Love the color this way but I think I will prefer her dress in navy blue even more, I really don't like most of the sakura figure but this one is absolutely wonderful, even my boyfriend do like this one :]
3 years ago
Necroid_Neko4 years ago#13455401Am I the only one who like the red & green combo?
No, I like it too. She's like a strawberry and I love it; very Sakura. <3
3 years ago
skylinedo BANNED
I saw your blue version and loved it! Searched around and was sad when I found out there isn't a blue one for preorder ...
3 years ago
I really like the original colors, but I think what would have made the difference is if they had just made it more minty/teal to match that teal planet. I did a quick edit and it really brings it all together, plus the pink ribbon doesn't clash as much anymore either! :3
4 years ago
Wow, the bronze is really classy. I feel like the green looks really weirdly out of place now after seeing your versions, but red/bronze is my favourite.
4 years ago
Am I the only one who like the red & green combo?
4 years ago
Oh my goodness, the blue/bronze scheme is beautiful to me. Yeah, it may look a little more dull compared to the original, but I much rather have this one instead of strawberry kiwi Sakura.
4 years ago
What I got from this is that I'd prefer a blue and red version. xD The bronze is honestly very nice, but I find it a bit too subdued even with the red. Green and red on the original contrast TOO much, but maybe blue and red would be nice.
4 years ago
Brilliant man!
I would totally sell my kidneys to buy your color version LOL. The original one look not that good for me though...
4 years ago
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