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VigiVigi5 years ago
gintama kotobukiya clamp megahouse yamato chii huke chobits one_piece nico_robin alter kaiyodo enterbrain k-on! good_smile_company banpresto nami sanji monkey_d._luffy hirasawa_yui kotobuki_tsumugi lelouch_lamperouge excellent_model akiyama_mio nakano_azusa iwamoto_kunihito roronoa_zoro tainaka_ritsu dragon_ball_z yoko_littner tendou_akane tony_tony_chopper ascii_media_works boa_hancock sir_crocodile shueisha kousaka_kirino sunrise air_gear ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai kyuubey ranma_1/2 numakura_toshiaki black_★_rock_shooter kawanishi_ken hiroshi_(sakurazensen) ajiken mumei epoch oda_eiichiro portrait_of_pirates_dx tokunaga_hironori tengen_toppa_gurren-lagann yokota_ken fio g.e.m. moriwaki_naoto attm gokou_ruri portrait_of_pirates_neo red-haired_shanks kondou_takayuki mahou_shoujo_madoka★magica kaname_madoka aniplex french_doll juracule_mihawk bartholomew_kuma son_gohan_ssj toei_animation okita_sougo code_geass_-_hangyaku_no_lelouch_r2 simca miki_sayaka eneru tomoe_mami akemi_homura shampoo aoki_ume shaft saotome_ranma saotome_genma niizuma_eiji tendou_kasumi kawagoe_hiromitsu hibiki_ryouga sorachi_hideaki portrait_of_pirates_"sailing_again" kohata_takahiro creators'_labo portrait_of_pirates_mild figure_colosseum bakuman. mas ishiyama_yuuki bird_studio scultures tanaka_sen'u zoukei_tenkaichi_budoukai suzuki_satoshi


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About this picture

Last photo of the Otaku room.
My girlfriend and i will move to another apartment in the next two weeks. Hope to find enough place for our collection there :P

Greetz Vigi

Btw, if you want to know how the wireless light works, take a look here: PICTURE #1468425

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Does anyone know if the 2 unit riser the two detolfs are sitting on on the far left side of the picture are still sold at ikea? I was not able to find them on the site
3 months ago
Even though this room no longer exists, I am impressed with how it even was secured by a surveillance camera.
5 months ago
SirNimblyBottoms The Lolimancer
Damn this is serious room goals. Your collection is amazing!
11 months ago
Wow! You're room looks really amazing! So jealous! This is the greatest room I have ever seen *0* Soooo cool!!
1 year ago
Wow. What is the center display case for the video game? I am looking for a similar display case for Ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon.
1 year ago
Holy sweet silly pancakes! I am flabbergasted!!! *Ok* *Thumbs up*
1 year ago
Is that not a store? Haha
2 years ago
GoldSaint953 years ago#37345346O.O And I thought my collection was big I guess I was wrong hehehe, great collection awesome manga collection very nice. ^v^Hirami5 years ago#16222834HOLY SHIT my mouth is hanging open.... This is one awesome collection and one really nice way to display it! Well done. Looks great.dogs5478955 years ago#15495273cooolReinier5 years ago#15424932Wow! this room looks amazing!zzzzzy5 years ago#15423510Wow! congrats!!

Thank you guys for that great feedback! :D
2 years ago
Malidous3 years ago#34965441Anyone know what the riser/shelves the detlolfs are on?

Ikea Expedit, its now kallax i think :-)
2 years ago
FITD3 years ago#31044006tbh i'm more enthralled by the house you have/had, even though i can only judge size/wall/floor and the hanging projector in the other room.
after that the size of the room you store such a big beautiful collection
also i wonder if you kept all the boxes for your figures, must take a lot of space if you did, i guess you probably have a room just for that in the back there?

Thanks for our positive feedback! :D

Sure i collect the boxes, too.

Just take a look here on my gf acc: picture/1395544...
2 years ago
All Japanese Games, Anime Figures & Trading Cards! Reliable Worldwide Shipping, and World-Class Customer Service!

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