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Gale015Gale0154 years ago
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About this picture

Test shoot for night figure photography from Toronto Island last weekend. The backdrop makes Maki look like a late night TV show host.

Behind the scenes:
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Camera Settings:
Nikon D3100 - 18-55mm - f/10 - ISO100 - 10s

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4 years ago
Such creativity!
4 years ago
And then Jay Leno stole her show after six months and she moved to the Syfy Channel.
4 years ago
freque93 Liver ! (μ's & PDP only)
Damn, amazing :3
4 years ago
I was about to say it was a fake background until I saw the setup.

She looks like an TV host for a late show! ;-)
4 years ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hey girl, may I have a cup of tea with you?
4 years ago
Beautiful !!! *_*
4 years ago
Nico would be her sidekick, of course.
4 years ago
wow, looks great :)
4 years ago
Wolfragnium4 years ago#14881319Really cool! That seems like a show I'd love to watch!

Lol. Same here. XD
4 years ago
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