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    Sep 26, 2016
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Oh dang, this looks awesome!
4 years ago
awesomeinfigure4 years ago#15043780WOW !!! Sick photo !! Awesome :)

thanks! ^ ^ uhuh ~
4 years ago
WOW !!! Sick photo !! Awesome :)
4 years ago
_MeiKo_4 years ago#15013214aaw really? thank yoou so muuuch > v < I love this figure

You're welcome, the photo makes her look even better x3 <3
4 years ago
Super creepy and cool!
4 years ago
Very cool!
4 years ago
This is my new desktop background for my portrait monitor. Amazing work, and thank you!
4 years ago
she looks frightening in cool way :D
4 years ago
fadzil1234 years ago#15013102Dayum~! This Saber looks badass~! Perfect! Just Perfect!shinyashiro_qc4 years ago#15010802WONDERFULL!!!!Super-Jupiter4 years ago#15009266just wow!!!Ylliasviel4 years ago#15008944Totally amazing,this is the most perfect shot and editing for this figure! Wonderful work <3Shadow_Of_Nicte4 years ago#15007916Great!!shinhawk4 years ago#15007861From 2D to 3D to 2D! Great work!dymitr4 years ago#15006142One Word: Marvelous.

Thank you so much all <3
4 years ago
lossetari4 years ago#15013116The best photo I've ever seen on here! The atmosphere of the photo is so dark and mysterious it's absolutely amazing <3

aaw really? thank yoou so muuuch > v < I love this figure
4 years ago
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