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lol, never regret and prepare for the consequences
3 years ago
That's what happened to me when I decided to buy everything in a new condition.
3 years ago
So true, and I don't regret it!
3 years ago
luckily i always safe my allowance every months and after i save for one months, i can purchase any figurine in next month LUL
3 years ago
me after discovering ALTER
3 years ago
chapters03 years ago#15216538u should add this to the gallery and we can make it as pci of the day as well its freakin awesome lol

I'd love to. If someone else doesn't, I'll probably post it in a month or two. I try not to post "memes" close together because some people tend to complain about them being on MFC.
3 years ago
lolicraft3 years ago#15222526This is gonna be me when Amiami asks for me to pay for my Feb preorders

The bottom picture is me at the end of every month for the rest of this year. View spoilerHide spoilerAnd probably every month next year T-T
3 years ago
This is gonna be me when Amiami asks for me to pay for my Feb preorders
3 years ago
I too remember money.
3 years ago
tbh I was the bottom one alreadylol
3 years ago
Live better. Play more!

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