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KarkittyKarkitty3 years ago
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    Nov 08, 2016

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So gorgeous and pretty! Now she looks even more like a winter queen! <3
2 years ago
Sharuya3 years ago#15988544nice one! I like how colorful it is =3
Thank you! Very glad you like the colors!
3 years ago
clegane3 years ago#15982833very pretty :)
Thank you very much!
3 years ago
ptitange233 years ago#15981006Nice color and pic !! She's so cute !!!!!!
Thank you! She really is an adorable figure
3 years ago
MelKeigo3 years ago#15973450so pretty!!!!!
Thank you! She's just soooo pretty!
3 years ago
IamNK3 years ago#15972856Nice photo
Thanks!! ^w^
3 years ago
Dribz3 years ago#15972297Great photo! She has so many lovely details; makes me want this one even more!
Thank you! She's a very beautiful figure! There are some details in the shirt that wasn't shown on camera (tiny silver snowflakes). You should totally get her when you have the chance ^0^
3 years ago
nice one! I like how colorful it is =3
3 years ago
very pretty :)
3 years ago
Nice color and pic !! She's so cute !!!!!!
3 years ago