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    Dec 01, 2016

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Just playing around with Snow Miku 2017: Twinkle Snow Ver.
1) Original
2) Constelations added to hair and clothes, eye colour changed (based on official art>> picture/1646412...) and Yukine scarf fixed
3) Hair colour and eyes changed (based on official art>> picture/1646412...)
4) Hair colour changed (based on official art>> picture/1646412...) and eyes changed as well (based on ITEM #321896)

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I like what you did with numbers three and four but all the edited versions look way better than the original imo
1 year ago
neL on ice
"Let's make the Snow Miku theme about the stars and then ignore a major part of the design showcasing the theme."
1 year ago
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I love the constellations in her hair.
9 months ago
The second !! with eyes from the first !

(or with hair color from 3)

the others are to shiny, to flashy
1 year ago
I love all the edits, hopefully they do soemthing about the lackluster version and fix it.

could you do these edits for the figma aswell? <3 id love to see
1 year ago
4 and 2 looks good.....:-O
1 year ago
god the 4th one looks gorgeous y_y
i'll honestly never understand why they choose this particular design if they weren't ready for glitter.
1 year ago
it is sad how they did not go with the full concept of the ORIGINAL DESIGN
instead they took away a lot of things that would have made this figure MORE UNIQUE
not just another copy/recycle miku bland/same designs on a NEW FIGURE. :(

it is the little things that matter and staying true to the original art/design.

I really hope GSC will change these little things, because a lot of people are not happy.
1 year ago
Number 4! I love her so much
1 year ago
4!!! ^.^
1 year ago
They could've just made her hair out of glitter pvc and it would be awesome if they didn't want to connect the constellations :'D

3 and 4 are my favs 4 has Trigger's Yoneyama Mai's design for Racing 2016, you did an excellent job, I want these. ; v ;

Why GSC WHY. I was fully prepared to jump the Snow Miku train.
1 year ago
number 4 please! xD
really nice !!
1 year ago
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