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Usually I would just photograph in JPG and the images would look just fine, after all if it's a controlled environment then it ought to come out usable straight from the camera for most, if not all the time.

However there are times when the conditions are tricky, like for example when you're shooting outdoors where the weather can change at a whim, or in my case here sunset is but a very short moment.

Thought process
- the picture has to be sufficiently exposed
- the picture has to have sufficient contrast
- the picture has to be satisfactory in preference of colors.

A camera takes a photo by capturing light, the frame it sees. It will not be able to adjust whatever else so the rest is up to you in manipulating it.

The original image was as you can see on 1. is barely sufficiently lit and looks washed out. Fortunately I captured it in RAW so I made a few copies of this image.

The f

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