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DESK SETUP ( from left to right )
SPEAKER : Swan D1010 MK II
PS4 : 1206A 1T
PS4 controller stand : ITEM #174774
Monitor A : DELL u2414h
Monitor B : LG IPS234
Keyboard : Cooler Master masterkeys PRO L RGB ( with customed wooden Wrist Pad )
Mouse : logitech G502
Speaker stand : customed made for multi-use → speaker stand and tissue box

Wall Shelves * 2 : < EKBY JÄRPEN / EKBY BJÄRNUM > from ikea
4 LED light set : < Dioder > from ikea
Dust proof Cover : customed made Acrylic cover ( not glass , glass is too heavy and dangerous )
Figure stand : customed made on taobao.com

"How to fixed acrylic covers between shelves?"
Due to acrylic is elastic deformation , so you just need to ENSURE the height between two shelves is just a little bit smaller than the height of acrylic cover , two shelves can nip the cover very tight .

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really nice setup man
10 months ago
Figure display/battle station goals right here.
1 year ago
love it!
1 year ago
Acrylic covers between shelves. Clever!
1 year ago
The commitment to wood is nicely done.
1 year ago
Neat setup! :D
1 year ago
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