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djjoshhenriquezdjjoshhenriquez9 years ago
megahouse snow one_piece nico_robin banpresto nami usopp sanji monkey_d._luffy scarlet bandai franky trunks bulma piccolo son_goku iwamoto_kunihito portrait_of_pirates roronoa_zoro rob_lucci brook hattori carue dragon_ball_kai dragon_ball_z smoker tashigi cooler tony_tony_chopper edward_newgate world_collectable_figure nightmare_luffy dragon_ball mai gyuumaou boa_hancock sir_crocodile son_gohan billy jinbei s.h.figuarts aokiji oars ajiken oda_eiichiro portrait_of_pirates_dx black_sabasu portrait_of_pirates_strong_edition fukuda_takashi attm portrait_of_pirates_neo red-haired_shanks mr.2_bon_kure juracule_mihawk yamcha puar bartholomew_kuma son_goku_ssj future_trunks victoria_cindry dr._hogback negative_hollow perona kumacy one_piece_film:_strong_world shiki_the_golden_lion dr._indigo land_gator kyokahai don_kamakiriri mecha_freezer ni-ju_gou_(android_20) ju-kyu_gou_(android_19) king_cold tenshinhan chaoz chi-chi king_kai roshi hiroki_ishiyama hachi_gou_(android_8) son_gohan_ssj tapion paikuhan gogeta_ssj emma_daioh crop_farmer freezer_-_second_form freezer_-_third_form captain_ginyu appule cui turles zarbon ulong shu krilin pilaf


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    Mar 04, 2011

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haha I know, here and there I hear some poping or cracking noises, I doubt is the top detolf , Im sure is the weight that it carries on top of the other two ones that is making the ones under it crack a liiiiiiiiittle bit hahahaha.
soon will post another picture, as I have modified the alingment of the figures in general.
9 years ago
coool : D
9 years ago
cioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
I would be scared as hell that the extra weight in the middle of the Detolf on top where it doesn't normally sit would hurt it!
9 years ago
Shiddo 一匹狼
Horizontal Detolf ^^
Impressive collection!
9 years ago
KanouteNice Wcf Collection ^^
hehe, thanks.
I recently added the TV. deff my pictures dont make it justice for how everything looks in person.
9 years ago
Nice Wcf Collection ^^
9 years ago
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