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Can you feel the rising pressure? Can you hear the clocks ticking? Once far, far away but it creeps up on you – step by step! Deadline is coming to get you and no one can stop her.

I got my little Sagiri pre-owned from another collector for a fair prize and since I didn’t want to wait for the planned miniature set to be finished I took the chance and created this more simple set up. Honestly this photo turned out really well. I kinda like it and I also like the simplicity of this figure. No unnecessary flourishes, no fancy pose, just a cute girl and her tablet.

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Thank you very much!

astarte9523 years ago#18241818good work!hill-lady3 years ago#18221176wonderful!dragon12razo3 years ago#18218934Nicely done!
3 years ago
good work!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nicely done!
3 years ago
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