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    Mar 18, 2017

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I attended the launch event for Robi just a week ago and one of the gifts was this Robi miniature so I thought it'll be great for a photoshoot.

The character here is Good Smile Company (ENGLISH)​'s Makise Kurisu from Stein's Gate (game, anime ........)

Now there's more to it in this picture than just a figure and a robot. The image was processed to have warmer tone on the 'human' while having a 'cooler' tone on the robot - one being an object with life, one being a lifeless object given life.

The screen at the back (Huawei P9) displays a diagram, portraying tech or if we are to go deeper, it shows the intricacy of technology - the complexity of the thoughts of the creator, and the complexitiy in circuitry behind the creation.

Perhaps this is what Tomotaka Takahashi felt when he created Robi.

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