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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.
DrSeehundDrSeehund5 years ago
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About this picture

Because of all the questions ;)
I got all of it from IKEA
Middle - Besta series
Left and right - Billy series
Glas Doors - Morliden
Tv stand - Lack
Show cases Middle - Synas (Kids lamp section)


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Where did you buy the showcase for the "Ah! My goddess" figure, please ? Is it possible to have a référence ?
8 months ago
What are those plastic displays? Where did you get those?
(3 big top left and 4 in middle above TV)
5 years ago
View spoilerHide spoilerSpringRoll5 years ago#19204052In regards to your billy bookcases with the morliden glass doors, where did you get the glass platforms for the figures? I'm looking at the billy book cases and they all seem to only come with wood platforms :(
To anyone interested in recreating the ikea glass door book cases, here are the items you would need
Billy Book case (They make two models)
15 3/4x11x79 1/2 "
31 1/2x11x79 1/2 "
Morliden Glass Door (each door covers 15 3/4")(you'll need two if you want to cover the 31 1/2 case)
$55 for one
Billy Extra Glass Shelves (used to replace the wooden shelves with glass)
$10 for one
$15 for the bigger one
Ledberg LED light
$6.99 for one
In total it would cost $212.95 (pre-tax) to recreate Dr.Seehund's shelf
$69.99+$55+$60(6 glass shelves) +27.96 (4 lights)
In total it would cost 307.95 to create the larger version of the shelf
79.99+$110+90(6 glass shelves) +27.96 (4 lights)
Detolf case
69.99 + 6.99 for each led lights
This versus a detolf, the major differences would be cost, aesthetics (glass sides vs colored sides), Depth vs height (detolf has more depth, 3 inches more, but this has more height,15inches more), and configurations. The detolf is locked into 4 separate areas while this variant can easily create more custom levels.
IMO, now that I have seen this kind of customized shelf, I'm indecisive if I want to get a detolf case now lol. Although the detolf is cheaper, you get a better proportioned amount of volume by doing this method and you can customize the shelf properly to match your figures.
Thank you Dr.Seehund for bringing this customized shelf to my sight (and somehow leading to me do this research)

I ended up building it instead of the detolf because I like the solid walls and the protection they would give from sun damage and fading to the figures. I was surprised to run into some unexpected costs though, just in case u wanted to be more prepared:

In-cabinet lights from IKEA do not have a terminal end included. The wire must be run to a transformer, and that must be connected to a power cord. Two more items to add on. Thankfully, several lights can be run to the same transformer.
5 years ago
DrSeehund5 years ago#19296284i got it from ebay from a german seller i dont know if they ship world wide :/

Aw man, that was my exact question. I've had this pic saved for a long time and been dreaming of setting up a display shelf like your Billy cases. I finally built it and now I need new risers since my old ones are too wide...

Just wanted to thank you for the inspiration! It's a beautiful set up. I only placed one light instead of two (on the top and middle shelves)... hope it ends up being enough light once figures are inside.
5 years ago
DrSeehund5 years ago#22216802unfortunately I don't know the name of them, I got them at Tokyo Otaku Mode they are 42 cm in heigh.;A; 3cm short.. curse ITEM #396841 But I did not know TOM sell display cases, I will be more alert. Thanks again ^^
5 years ago
tsubaki245 years ago#22214366What is the name and dimensions of the showcases for the Seven Deadly Sins? Thanks!

unfortunately I don't know the name of them, I got them at Tokyo Otaku Mode they are 42 cm in heigh.
5 years ago
What is the name and dimensions of the showcases for the Seven Deadly Sins? Thanks!
5 years ago
Love this!

Can't wait until the day I can display all of my stuff like this ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
5 years ago
Maaan, I wish I could be so artfully well-organized! This looks fantastic!
5 years ago
5 years ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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