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    May 14, 2017
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Test shoot of the blood moon for Saber Alter. It's a wall moon that I got from a children's store, at the space section. Just placed some red tissue inside the light to make it red.

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Placing the red diffuser inside:
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Awsome pict, and very nice to show the setup :)
2 years ago
This just wows me! And the setting is like: "Yes, we also have a giant clock tower but
he's only there to keep track of the time this was shot. XD
3 years ago
WOW! 0xo
3 years ago
I likey!
3 years ago
She's awesome and the pic too !!!!
3 years ago
Showing of the Tyrant in the most beautiful way =3
3 years ago
Great photo! But the green grass has somehow ruined the theme atmosphere. I think it'll be more "darkening" if it's deserted land or floor tiles beneath Altria.
3 years ago
I like the moon. Awesome.
3 years ago
Love seeing your photos and the set-up behind them, always such cool work!
3 years ago
Oh wow <3
3 years ago
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