YokoloidYokoloid9 years ago
cosplay vocaloid hatsune
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YokoloidYeaaah ! I see your photo two hours ago ! =D
Yeap *_* My curly Miku's wig is on way to me *-* (Oh sorry, I'm from Russia and my english is not very well O_o I taught him only 8 years >_>)
9 years ago
DerLautMiiiku, nice : 3 I'm Teto)
Yeaaah ! I see your photo two hours ago ! =D
9 years ago
Miiiku, nice : 3 I'm Teto)
9 years ago
CheltakuPSP-3000 v4 ! Incrakable. x')
9 years ago
Cheltaku The real BLACK ★ Rock Shooter
PSP-3000 v4 !
9 years ago
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