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Hello and thank you for your feedback!
The size differences are enormous, I think that is not so striking because I have put together the figures of similar size.
Also that helps everyone to sit in different positions and in different seating areas.
And a lot of happy coincidence! ^^

When I started to collect the figures with armchairs, I thought they were all the same size but even those of the same series, for example. Portrait of Pirates SOC, have size differences.
But I still love her! > X <
They are already done!

Thanks again! :3
2 years ago
How are the size comparisons on these...?? For example your Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy.... When they are side by side do they look like the same scale? It's hard to tell in the pic, they seem to go, but I know that spacing and such can create illusions..LOL.

I'd love to have a few more seated figures to throw in the mix with the rest of my collection...but I'd really like to try to keep them all a similar size.

Nice collection by the way! :D
2 years ago