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Spring Cleaning

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“Thanks for helping me clean up, Mayor!”

I was so eager to use this new floor. I hadn't put acrylic spray on it yet, so it looked dusty and old. Luckily, that fits in well with the theme of spring cleaning. Captain Phasma has a cameo - her portrait is hanging over the garbage can. I love her, but the joke was too easy to make! The cabbage illustration came from a seed catalog.

Since you can make the mayor look like Link, it's understandable Isabelle would mistake him for one. I know you don't need a reason to put nendos from various series together, but I like to think of one anyway. How do they know each other? What do they think of each other? Stuff like that.

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Suteki_da_ne (11 months ago) #30892590Looks so lovely *w* Thanks for the compliment! ^_^
9 months ago
Looks so lovely *w*
11 months ago