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Baka_BishieBaka_Bishie2 years ago
alter taka takaku_&_takeshi yagyuu_toshiyuki inagaki_hiroshi makio_munetoshi bushiroad sai teruyuki kousaka_honoka sonoda_umi dutch koizumi_hanayo hoshizora_rin toujou_nozomi nishikino_maki minami_kotori missile yazawa_nico ayabe_ichiro love_live!_school_idol_festival watanabe_takamasa tetsumori_nanami ayase_eli tobita_takafumi

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Thank you all for your kind comments. This was a display I kind of threw together because I didn't have enough space where they were before and the P5 box was the only one large enough to act as a riser. Still, I'm pleased how they all look now that they're together; here's hoping Alter gives my wallet a break before starting down Aqours' Happy Party Train!
2 years ago
Great collection, you're lucky !!! :D *_*
2 years ago
Great set! I'm working on getting them all myself.
2 years ago
Awesome set. I considered getting that Eli, but I think her Halloween fig would pair better with the upcoming Dancing stars Nozomi.

Panda_Chan2 years ago#30895225You will never see it comming

I see what you did there.
2 years ago
Wow you got the full set? I'm very impressed.
2 years ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
You will never see it coming
2 years ago