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    Jan 13, 2018
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    Jan 07, 2018 - Jan 13, 2018
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    Jan 2018

About this picture

Taken at Eilean Donan castle, Scotland.

Luckily (or unluckily) for me, the interior of Eilean Donan was closed in January, hence there weren't too many tourists in the area.

The picture was shot during low tide from the southeastern part of Eilean Donan. The entire area around the castle was rather muddy thanks to the constant rainfall.

Shot with Canon 6D and Sigma 24mm Art
1/60s, f16, ISO2500

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idd its really nice
2 months ago
Thank you everyone for the kind comments! Saber was indeed a pain to bring around (had to carry her along with 2 bags and luggage), but it was totally worth it~
3 months ago
I can hardly tell she isn't 1:1 with the landscape. I have to try really hard to trick my mind and see the rocks and such at their true scale (like what the size really is compared to a living person.)

Absolutely stunning.
3 months ago
well done!
3 months ago
Great landscrape!
3 months ago
Beautiful! Perfect setting for Saber.
3 months ago
Nice job! To take such a big doll overseas and take nice pictures is super cool!
3 months ago
RavenWolf1 (3 months ago) #30896179You might try Japan Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals. :D
Article: www.tofugu.com/...

I have been visiting Japan since 2015 and I bring my Nendoroids whenever I visit.

Here's a photo of Mako-chan and Guts at Tokyo University, in front of Hachiko and Prof. Ueno PICTURE #1517875

I hope I can visit Europe someday :)
3 months ago
Wooooow !!!! *o* This photo is amazing !!! :D
3 months ago
Wow, that Saber have been to places I've never been.

Wonderful picture. Very appropriate to the location.
3 months ago
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