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Blessed be she who layest her eyes upon the one most high! I present to you, the Creation of Popuko!

I was giggling like a baboon when I came up with this idea. Thanks for letting me borrow the nends @aclater! :D

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ahahhahahahahahahahahaha there are too many not well appreciated artists out there!
1 year ago
The_ANS1 year ago#39339424Finally, this one got POTM :D

I didn't even know that it was possible to get POTM after the month had passed! XDD Thanks for noticing friend!
1 year ago
Finally, this one got POTM :D
1 year ago
SolidTitania2 years ago#31043809This brings me joy!

They quell the evils of the world :)
2 years ago
This brings me joy!
2 years ago
ChocolateSpider2 years ago#31042858It is this picture that convinced my to pre-order the Nendoroids. XD

Oh my! I'm sorry and thankful at the same time! XDD
2 years ago
It is this picture that convinced my to pre-order the Nendoroids. XD
2 years ago
astarte9522 years ago#30899070this is true art.

Pipimi and her blessings smile upon you as well :)
2 years ago
this is true art.
2 years ago
atunafish2 years ago#30898241thanks for the picture, it ruined my life xD
came across this yesterday, got curious about the series and gave it a try. and before i knew it, i pre-ordered the release of both nendoroids lol
would love to have a print of this to frame and hang up on my wall if possible ^^

I am both very sorry and thankful to have done this to you! XDD And I wouldn't mind sending a print. But shipping to the Philippines will probably be a pretty penny. If you don't mind that then PM me! :)
2 years ago
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