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Al: Run! Run! My tiny brother is coming!!!
Ed: Don't call me tiny !!!!!!

Alphonse Elric Nendoroid Unboxing
Alphonse Elric Unboxing Here

Edward Elric Nendoroid Unboxing
Edward Elric Unboxing Here

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ptitange232 years ago#31120182Ah ah !!! So funny !!! I love this pic !!!!! xDSuteki_da_ne2 years ago#31120149This is so hilarious! :D

Thanks : ) I'm so glad to hear that
2 years ago
Ah ah !!! So funny !!! I love this pic !!!!! xD
2 years ago
This is so hilarious! :D
2 years ago
fonjikun2 years ago#31103670this is cute and funny. :D
Thanks : )
2 years ago
this is cute and funny. :D
2 years ago