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Has it really been over a year since the last picture of my livingroom? Seems like it...

Well, no use complaining I guess :)

So, most important changes since last year (except the new figures, of course):

- bought 2 new vitrines, standing right from the sofa. Put most of the male figures into it, except it would have ruined a pair (Ainz/Albedo, Sora/Shiro, Kirito/Asuna, ...)

- Since I moved the male figures, I used the vitrines were I put them before (beside my desk) for the ones I don´t need in the focus anymore. Mostly Nendos and stuff.

- using the new space I have now thanks to the new vitrines, I cleared out a few slots on my vitrines left from my TV, giving me almost 4 free spots (as soon as I move the 3 Nendos and Rin/Saber). Might be enough to keep new figures rolling till the end of 2019... maybe? :D

- removed some of the wallscrolls over my desk for other pictures.

Guess that were the important points ^^
Feel free to comment and so on :D

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ashtaroth A child of the night
That's a pretty good shot! I actually thought that Rem figure was 1/4-1/5 scale!
11 months ago
Awesome puck lights on your detolf hehehe
11 months ago
Great room, looks comfortable.
11 months ago
Very color-coordinated with the posters.
11 months ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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