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Admiral_CleoAdmiral_Cleo2 years ago
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Dude, that looks sick!
I now wanna do something similar, you inspired me!
2 years ago
Looks great on the wall, though I'm surprised just the pressure from her knee on the glass is enough to keep her in position. I guess there's probably some friction/support coming from the cloak being in contact with the fluff.
2 years ago
Jaou2 years ago#32666117Really nice! How did you do it?

I just used a 10" x 10" shadow box frame and added some fluffy material to the back. It's just big enough that her knee and hat hit the glass which holds them in place so I didn't have to prop her up with anything or tie the hat the back. I did tie the top of the staff to the backing with clear twine but the fluff blocks it from view. Total cost was like $20.
2 years ago
Really nice! How did you do it?
2 years ago
Anime, Figures and Manga For Less!

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