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...something is brewing ~

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I enoyed this series so much<3 Great picture!!!
8 months ago
Great picture! The lighting in perfect. What are the crystals and mushrooms from? I think I see one Lego crystal in there.
1 year ago
MastraCustom2 years ago#33825295Ahahaha... adorable :D
Thank You ^^

Chris_Duvall2 years ago#33825267This is perfect!!!
Thank You ^^

astarte9522 years ago#33820434wonderful background for this figure.
Thank You ^^

zir02 years ago#33820049This photo is very amazing, I really want my sucy * - *
Thank You ...yea you really should get her ^^

Valestein32 years ago#33814185Sucy! <3
God, the dark lighting, the way the bright cotton highlights the cauldron, and her lighted mischievous face all make for a wonderful photo!

Thank You so much buddy...really glad that you like the photo ^^
2 years ago
Natamon2 years ago#34010497This is perfect <3
Thank You ^^

MagicPepen2 years ago#33840830gorgeous photoshoot <33333
Thank You ^^

Tachikomatic2 years ago#33836630Love the photo! She's up to mischief
Thank You so much ^^

Emeep2 years ago#33831015You did an amazing job capturing her character
Thank You ^^..glad you like it

Emboar5002 years ago#33829897Nice. <3

Thank You ^^
2 years ago
This is perfect <3
2 years ago
vince4542 years ago#33825115Thank You ...sure you can, just need to keep on practicing. Also you already have a good start with your photography

Q_Q Thanks so much.. That means a lot to me! I'll keep practicing and doing my best!!
Thank you! ^_^
2 years ago
Love the photo! She's up to mischief
2 years ago
You did an amazing job capturing her character
2 years ago
Nice. <3
2 years ago
2 years ago
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