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Asra Ninja

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Parts used:
The base of this build is the Asra Ninja kit ITEM #549983. The sword and most of her blade unit (on back) is from an Asra Archer kit ITEM #549984. The ninja stars on her thighs and arms along with her throwing daggers (and some decals) are from a Jinrai indigo kit ITEM #440405. The breast upgrade is from a Muscuto modification parts kit ITEM #655866.

I am pretty happy with her so far. The metallic silver I was using ran out so one of the blades is a bit messy until I order a new marker and apply another layer.

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gundamuk (7 months ago) #35690961Love the mask - very expressive.
The Megami Device line has a lot of great faceplates and decals for custom faces. But yeah, this one is among my favorites because the mask is executed so well.
7 months ago
gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Love the mask - very expressive.
7 months ago