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Ted no like

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Ted was really enjoying the adult industry at first, but things were starting to get out of hand. This was definitely not what he signed up for!

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When he heard there were "golden showers" in the porn industry, Ted thought he'd be showering in gold coins. How wrong was he...

When the first drops landed on his skull, he thought, just like his pal Winnie: "Oh, bother! This liquid is yellow, but it's not hunny!".
7 months ago
Bloempje (7 months ago) #37211177lol XD
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Ted, however, did not share your excitement. He hasn't been the same after this photo shoot.
I tried to give him a glass of apple juice to make him feel better, but he threw the glass in the wall, crawled into a fetal position and yelled "No more, no more!"...
7 months ago
Bloempje Hunting my grails
lol XD
7 months ago