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ribbon gun key school_uniform long_legs short_skirt purple_hair good_smile_company yurippe angel_beats! visual_art's sanzigen


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    May 10, 2011

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Ok... she's here finally ^^
Watching several pics I really hated her legs... and worried about them!
But keeping Yuri in my hands I can say she's very pretty, lovely face and pose!
Legs aren't perfect, as you can see (and already know)... but I like her too ^^

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Coffee4MeBeautiful :D
Thank you so much ^____^
11 years ago
Beautiful :D
11 years ago
NachtjagerLa vogliamo POTD !!!!!!
Ahaahahah sei un folle XD
11 years ago
La vogliamo POTD !!!!!!
11 years ago
Thank you so much for kind comments, my friends ^^

@Ashlotte: Oh thanks, I'm so happy to know you like it!! ^__^

@Desudes: really? I didn't know it... thank you!!!
11 years ago
Nice job on this shot, I love how she's surrounded by the illuminate background.
11 years ago
Of course she looks like Haruhi since Angel Beats were originally proclaimed as a parody.
11 years ago
Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
I never really looked at her that critically because I had no interest in her but those legs do look rather skinny especially in the thighs...The thickness seems all off.

Anyway putting that aside pretty much echo what the others already said. You achieved a very neat effect here. ~_^
11 years ago
@Bird: Thank you so much!! I'm happy to read you like it!! Her pose inspired me to get this shadow on the table where I put her without base (fortunatly she can stand up without it) ^^

@Klon: Thanks for suggestion my friend XD And... Yes... she looks like Haruhi for some ways aahahahah ^^
11 years ago
I totally love what you did here! It transitions into a anime-like interpretation of her shadow. Looks like she is standing at the bright gateway of heaven.
11 years ago