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This is what happens when you mess with Elsa, Len-kun!
5 years ago
Poor Len. The terror in his eyes. xD
6 years ago
Elsa was here
6 years ago
Magical Miku strikes again!
6 years ago
so cute~~~~~

kawaisou Len chan~
7 years ago
Cirno was there
7 years ago
lol !!! :)
7 years ago
nendo wars 3: return of the miku - len solo frozen in clear carbonite
7 years ago
Haha?! xDD This is great!
7 years ago
So cute, but so sad at the same time! 。:゚*+;(●´・д・`●);+*゚:。
8 years ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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