let's play DIVA!Figures/

NekokoNekoko10 years ago
blond_hair vocaloid twintails skirt ribbon leek headphones keytar instrument scarf bow necktie detached_sleeves tentacles coat belt long_skirt shorts pants headset thighhighs ice_cream cyan_hair shota white tako long_hair nendoroid female pink_hair blue_hair blue_eyes male boots white_coat sleeveless_shirt megurine_luka brown_pants male_nendoroid kaito hatsune_miku good_smile_company overknees kagamine_len kagamine_rin nendoron ageta_yukiwo

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Really cute! :D
10 years ago
Nice shot =D
10 years ago
This is an awesome shot!
10 years ago
Dizeh ★ Rock Shooter
And now i have the theme stuck in my head, haha
10 years ago
Miku's just too good to be seen from the screen
10 years ago
Di Di Di DiDi Diva desu~!
I'm just downloading ;w;!
10 years ago