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_MeiKo__MeiKo_3 years ago

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Now it's time to open them all! XD

They belong to my friend Freque93, I went to his house to push him to open them.. hehe

The NendoTower is made of 86 Nendoroid.

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I laughed too hard at this :D
3 years ago
azusamukami3 years ago#48347980Nothing but nendoroids...... :/

That's the NendoTower :p
3 years ago
I'd be the jerk friend that runs into it and makes a big mess
3 years ago
The tower of Babylon or should I say Nendylon ;P
3 years ago
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
It's like a gold mine over here! All of them NRFB? Wow.

I loved the added speed lines for dramatic effect, and the way they're arranged is REALLY nice as well.


I'm almost tempted to throw a bottle at the thing.

View spoilerHide spoilerNo one seems to invite me to game night anymore.
3 years ago
Wow there are so many! I’d love to see the planned display.
3 years ago
Nothing but nendoroids...... :/
3 years ago
3 years ago
Talal3 years ago#48314754Big collection but not my type

3 years ago
mickey3 years ago#48328287You should open them. Some might have defects, and if they do, ya might not be able to get replacements once GSC runs out of stock.

They aren't mine.
My friend knows it. But he doesn't have time to open them. Sometimes he quickly opens the box to make sure the figure is in perfect condition. :) So don't worry
3 years ago
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