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16 days ago
bittercrown5 months ago#74863693Just curious to know, what is your lighting setup for the wall shelves?

Custom wired 5050 size LED strips attached at an angle within L shaped metal strips. The strips were painted black to match the shelf colour and were all screwed on the top and underside edge of the upper shelf.
5 months ago
Just curious to know, what is your lighting setup for the wall shelves?
5 months ago
Impressive collection & equally impressive organization within that space.

I also like the lighting for the wall shelves - makes the figures really pop.
1 year ago
redrummuder1 year ago#52014167What gpu are you using?
GTX 1080
1 year ago
What gpu are you using?
1 year ago
zealotan1 year ago#51819799Just asking, is that a figure in your desktop case?Yes. Actually there's 2 figures sitting directly on my case.
1 year ago
Just asking, is that a figure in your desktop case?
1 year ago
Awesome collection :-) your pretty brave putting your figures so close to each other, ive had family members bump into my Detolf cabinets and knock figures over before so if they were so close to each other id be afraid that they might fall on top of each other and cause scratches from rubbing up against each other or paint transfer, I already had one figure where the peg broke inside her foot when a family member bumped up against the detolf and another one where she has a guitar (one of the K-On! girls) and the guitar hit the side of the detolf (the glass) when a family member hit the Detolf by mistake and the guitar got damaged as well :(
1 year ago
Edenite1 year ago#50070805Im interested in the to love ru poster on the wall! Where do I buy?!

It's the last page of the 2018 Calendar ITEM #610428
1 year ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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