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Reeve and Vincent from Start to...?

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I took a few pics along the way with these two - my favorite characters, Reeve Tuesti (Cait Sith's surprisingly somber creator) and Vincent Valentine (who needs no introduction). I didn't plan to make them, but when I bought Kyo for my Noctis custom... well, it was just fated to happen.

I've learned a lot since Chise and Irisu. Compared to them, these two needed more sculpting and sanding, and much less painting. Kyo and Kanesada's hair parts did NOT fit without a lot of carving. They also required more parts - Vincent is made of five different Nendoroids! I plan to get him more Vincent-like faceplates someday. I just have to settle on the perfect ones...

...and then I'll use Matsuri's plates to make a Prompto! Maybe.

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